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Estus LED-Alladin (Multicolor)

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LED Curing Light 

«Estus LED-Alladin»



стоматологический фотоактватор «Эстус ЛЭД-Алладин»

Estus LED-Alladin  (Multicolor)  — wireless multifunctional dental device.



Retrofit LED Curing Light  «EstusLED-Aladdin».






Polymerization — polymerization of composite light-cure filling materials by the light source emitting in the blue spectrum (462-465 Nm). The function is implemented while using the curing tip  «ESTUS LED — BLUE».



Transillumination — the initial carious changes, hidden carious cavities or defects and enamel cracks diagnosing, the composite materials tooth hard tissues adaptation and quality restoration. The function is implemented while using the diagnostical 



Photo disinfectionroot canals and periodontal pockets disinfection, peri-implantitis and carious teeth cavities treatment, using special disinfectant solutions activated under the light source emitting in the red spectrum (625-635 Nm). The function is implemented while using the therapy  tip  «ESTUS LED — RED»*.



* These tip are not supplied with the device and must be purchased separately for an additional fee





All the advantages of the LED Curing Light  «Estus LED – Aladdin» basic model, as well as the following:



- Removable plastic led handpiece instead of the fiber-optic light guide with rotation capacity of 360º;  


— Flat design handpiece type that makes it easier to access the patient's «chewing» teeth;


— Increased transmitter power output (up to 1500 mW/cm2);


— Three additional features implemented with the use of special handpieces (transillumination, photo disinfection);


— The automatic handpiece type detection.   




2-year warranty

Detinst's reports

I am using LED Curing Light  «Estus LED-Alladin» (Multicolor) almost every day. It is a very nice, elegant and light. The led is powerful and, at high output, produces over 50 °C, which helps me to work with glass-ionomer, such as Fuji9 (Aquia GC) and to get best results. I heat the GI with the lamp for 60-120 seconds, by putting the led directly on the filling, after this time the GI becomes very hard and I sculpture it with fine diamond burs. I use glass ionomer for routine fillings, in many cases, instead of composite and amalgam.

Israel Rozen, DMD

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