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— unique grinding file for the irrigant activation and final processing root canal.
Rotating on the high speed, the brush untwists inside the canal into the separate wires, which are perfectly adjusted for the individual anatomy of the root canal, fill the root space completely and process the surfaces, unaccessible for the usual rotary instruments.
G-brush does not enlarge the canal diameter Following the root canal geometry and form, brush wires mechanically remove the smear layer and dentin debris. 
During retreatment the brush wires remove the gutta-percha residue from the canal walls. Spirally twisted part of the file operates as a screw conveyor for dentin debris removing.
G-BRUSH constructively differs from usual rotary instruments. The file consists of many metal wires. This construction guarantees unparalleled flexibility and capability to pass all the canal curves.

The main goal of G-BRUSH is hypochlorite activation and removing of biofilm, dentine debris and filling residue.


— Irrigating solution activation as a result of the turbulence, maximum effective removing of temporary and constant obturation materials from the opening and irregular spaces of the root canal.
— Unprecedented flexibility and capability to pass all the canal curves. The G-BRUSH provides excellent canal processing right before filling.
— The file is compatible with the high speed endo motors and low speed rotary handpieces. (4000 — 5000 r/min)



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