Designing and manufacturing of
dental equipment for
endodontics and other
fields of dentistry







!!! 9 functions within 1 device



1. Endomotor with integrated apexlocator and system of automatic delivery of working files;

2. Autonomous apexlocator;

3. Root filler;

4. High-speed endomotor for root canal preparation with SAF-files;

5. Thermoplugger for obturation;

6. Lamp for transillumination;
7. Lamp for polymerization;

8. Lamp for oral photo disinfection;
9. Negatoscope



7 working handpieces:

Handpiece-micromotor «MOTOR-DC» *
Handpiece-micromotor «MOTOR-ММ»* (not available)
Handpiece-micromotor «MOTOR-SAF» (not available)
Handpiece for obturation «GUTT-PACK»
Handpiece for transillumination «LED-T»
Handpiece for polymerization «LED-C»
Handpiece for disinfection «LED-D»


* Handpieces are interchangeable

Advantages of the system:

1. Realization of practically the whole line of endodontic instruments within the single device
2. Autonomous reconfiguration of the system into device corresponding to the connected working handpiece
3. Possibility of permanent functional increasing at the expense of additional working handpieces purchasing
4. Operational program update through Internet
Large library of endodontic NiTi systems from leading firms-manufacturers
6. Autonomous power supply from Li-Ion accumulators with large capacity
7. Bright color display
8. Minimal quantity of wires and space-saving size


Download endodontic complex «EndoEst-Assistant» presentation

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