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Endo Motor with Built-in Apex Locator



is most versatile and complete endodontic motor with build-in apex locator for classical preparation technique by rotary nickel-titanium (NiTi) instruments.
Integrated apex locator allows an exact, real-time determination of the length during preparation. The operator is always in full control of the current position of the file. He can therefore work in complete safety.

It has preloaded library of rotary settings for world famous NiTi systems (Dentsply Maillefer, Komet, VDW, FKG, SybronEndo, Sendoline, MicroMega, R&S). The software can be updated by Internet it with future endodontic innovations for a longer return on your investment.

Dentsply Maillefer: ProTaper Universal, PathFile, GT Series X, System GT, ProFile
Komet: AlphaKite System, EasyShape System
VDW: FlexMaster, Mtwo
FKG Dentaire: RaCe, S-Apex, BioRaCe, iRaCe
SybronEndo: Twisted Files, K3 Endo, К3XF
Sendoline: NiTi-TEE, S5
MicroMega: EndoFlare, НЕRO 642, НЕRO Shaper, НЕRO Apical, Revo-S, R-Endo
R&S: CMA System


It is fully programmable for individual preferences. To do this, individual files and their parameters can be taken from the file library and combined as required. The new sequence can then be saved due to 6 buttons «Bookmarks».

The speed and torque are automatically imported from the file library. The user is of course free to change the preset speed and torque values as necessary.

Available modifications and principal characteristics

Key Features & Benefits:

1. The device works in three different modes: 1) Motor alone, 2) Apex Locator alone (to determine the preparation length with manual files) 3) Combined regime
2. The rotational speed is held constant for all until the preset torque is achieved.
3. During preparation the Automatic Torque Control gives an early feedback of increased friction and therefore reduces the risk of file breakage. Achievement of a preset Torque is accompanied by blue lighting on the end of tip and a
special sound.. Once the preset torque is reached, the motor immediately stops or activates special reaction (reverse or twist movement).
4. Approaching and achievement of apex is accompanied by red light blinking on the end of handpiece and a special sound. Once the apex is reached, the file movement immediately stops or reverse (depend on operator choice).

5. Display can be individually customized.
6.The battery-operated motor enables portable use and works regardless of power supply fluctuations. Reliable use of the device will continue without interruption even when the battery is charging.
7. Precision micromotor with gear (Faulhaber, Switzerland);
8. Quick-detachable miniature head with rotation capacity of 360º. 



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