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Endodontic motor for working with self-adjusting files (SAF) with simultaneous irrigation and Rotary NiTi-files

EndoStation-mini is a unique (instrumentation) system of endodontic treatment that combines a digital electric micromotor and a peristaltic pump for irrigation

EndoStation-mini can be operated with files of the following types:

— Self-adjusting files (SAF), as a plus these instruments can be also coupled with the function of simultaneous irrigation of a tooth root canal,     and 

— practically with all standard rotary Ni-Ti files, providing the control of a file speed and torque.

This enriched functionality is gained by means of two micromotor headpieces used as replaceable tips: «SAF SYSTEM» and «ROTARY».

The System automatically detects an applied headpiece in the device circuit, produces its calibration and activates the right operative mode (SAF or ROTARY), allowing the Dentist to reduce the period of preparative manipulations, if the replacement of a tip part is required for next operation.

Description of SAF mode:

 — 3 individually adjustable programs (SAF1-SAF3);
 — Speed regulation of File Rotation from 3000 to 9500 rpm;
 — Speed regulation of an irrigated Solution from 0 to 9 ml/min ;
 — Digital timer with minutely sound indication to look after a term of the procedure;

 — The «Rinse» function for getting a sprinkle solution quickly into the irrigation pipe as soon as the procedure is started, or for washing the irrigation pipe in the end of a working day.

Description of ROTARY mode:

 — 9 individually adjustable programs (ROTARY1-ROTARY9);
 — Speed regulation of file rotation from 200 to 1000 rpm;
 — Regulation of maximal Torque within the limits of 0,5 — 5,0 Ncm;
 — The choice between three different conditions of «Auto-reverse» against the maximal torque result: HLT (halt) – «Halted» auto-reverse  ( «OFF»), STD — «Standard» auto-reverse  (the Rotary movement is reverse), SPC- «Special» autoreverse  (the rotation begins in the reverse mode and then turns into direct movement);
 — Sound indication of 75% volume of the preset Torque value during the procedure;

— The option of operative connection with an external Apex-locator

Unique cable ZipperLine fits for the placement of an irrigation pipe just inside the micromotor cable to produce a single cable unit, that facilitates conveniently the Device use in operation.

An additional connector Apex-hub of cable ZipperLine is available to connect the System to any type of external Apex-locators compatible with the socket size: micro pin 2mm, and so provides for the control of a root canal length in operative mode  «ROTARY».


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