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Program for changing the working parameters of the «Estus Drive» endodontic motor with help of wireless adapter «Estus USB»

Click to start the program ENDOMOTOR ESTUS DRIVE


Brief instructions for working with the program:

1. Insert the «Estus USB» adapter into the USB port in your PC. The adapter indicator lights up WHITE

2. To create pair between the  «Estus USB» and the «Estus Drive» endomotor by radio channel:
— switch on  
endomotor by pressing of the ring button and keep it pressing around 20 seconds (until the STATUS indicator starts flashing white).
— realease the button untill indicator STATUS becames green. 

-»Estus USB» white indicator starts blinking and the computer screen displays the adapter «Estus USB» autorun


3. Open the program ENDOMOTOR ESTUS DRIVE

In the window that opens, click on the Open button    

- Point the path to the DATA file.bin located on your «ESTUS USB» flash drive, and click Open

The current settings (factory settings — by default) and a serial number of an endomotor are loaded into the program boxes:

4. Use the program interface to change all the necessary endomotor settings and click SAVE button 

5. Then follow the instructions that will appear in the program window

For more details, see the Estus USB User's manual


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