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ENDOMOTOR Endomotor with integrated apexlocator and automatic system of working files delivery


  • Large library of system programs of rotary Ni-Ti files from leading manufacturers:
— Dentsply Maillefer: ProTaper Universal, GT Series X,
System GT, ProFile, PathFile, WaveOne
— Komet: AlphaKite System, EasyShape System
— VDW: FlexMaster, Mtwo System, RECIPROC
— FKG Dentaire: RaCe, BioRaCe, S-Apex, iRaCe
— SybronEndo: Twisted Files, K3 Endo
— Sendoline: NiTi-TEE, S5
— MicroMega: НЕRO 642, EndoFlare, НЕRO Shaper, НЕRO
Apical, R-Endo, Revo-S
— R&S: CMA System


  • Freely-pragrammable «Base Mode»:

— 12 programmable cells

— Rotation speed and torque adjustment for every file
32 re-programmable cartridges (endoboxes) for working files:    
-Automatic system entrance to secured for cartridge program at connection of handpiece «MOTOR-DC» 
-Automatic delivery of required file at each stage of preparation 
-Automatic control of remained working resource for each file 
-Storage and sterilization of working files directly in the cartridge — guarantee of safety and order of files during all period of their usage


and also: 

— Micromotor calibration function

«AutoReverse», «AutoStop» and «AutoTwist» at reaching of limit torque for used instrument
Automatic APEXLOCATOR activation at instrument inserting into root canal 
Function of micromotor autostart on/off at instrument inserting into root canal
AutoReverse», «AutoStop» and «Continue work» at apex reaching


APEXLOCATOR — Autonomous apexlocator for localization of apical constriction of root canal  (apex):



Apexlocator switches on automatically when inserting the file into the root canal

  • — High accuracy of measurements in any mediums
    — Graphic, digital, textual and sound indication of measurement;
  • — Function of apical shelf formation



ROOT FILLER — Special mode for root canals filling with restorative materials:



Paste carriers rotation speed control;

    • — The «AutoStop» function, in case the file gets stuck in the canal.



ENDOMOTOR-SAF High-speed endomotor for root canal preparation with SAF-files, produced by  «RedentNova» (Israel):


-The system automatically switches to the operating mode when connecting  «MOTOR-SAF» handpiece to the cable;

  • -Adjusting the frequency of file oscillations;
  • -Micromotor calibration function.



OBTURATOR – Thermoplugger for heating and vertical condensation of gutta-percha in the root canal at obturation.




  • -The system automatically switches to the operating mode when connecting  «GUTTA-PACK» handpiece to the cable;
    • -4 working modes for thermopluggers with taper 6%, 8%, 10% and 12%
      -Adjusting the working temperature of the thermoplugger



TRANSILLUMINATION — Orange LED-lamp for diagnostics of firm tooth tissues:


-The system automatically switches to the operating mode when connecting  «LED-Т» handpiece to the cable;
  • -5 levels of brightness of the emitter.



CURING Blue LED-lamp for polymerization of composite restorative materials:



-The system automatically switches to the operating mode when connecting «LED-C» handpiece to the cable;

-3 modes of polymerization: «General», «Soft» and «Pulse»;

-Adjusting the energy luminosity of the photo-activator;

-Adjusting the emission сycle 




DISINFECTION Red LED-lamp for oral photo-disinfection:


-The system automatically switches to the operating mode when connecting »LED-D» handpiece to the cable;

-5 modes of disinfection: «Base» mode, user programmable and 4 standard modes programmed under ASEPTIM technology;

-Adjustment of the emission power of photo-activator in «Base» mode;

-Adjusting the emission сycle in the «Base» mode;

-Programmable timer «hold» (excerpts solution) in all operating modes



NEGATOSCOPE — Special mode for on-screen viewing dry dental X-ray images in transmitted light:


— Adjusting the size of the viewing screen




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