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Measuring of Dentin Thickness



Measuring of Dentin Thickness is a necessity in numerous prosthodontic procedures. Preparation to the crowning of vital teeth requires a deep resection. At the same time, a biologically compatible minimum gap to the pulp must be kept (minimum dentin thickness of 0.7 mm to avoid pulpal damage is required and twice that for juvenile teeth that have open dentine tubuli, 1.4 mm (Jude, 1977.) So far, the decision about the preparation depth has been based on X-ray photography (difficult to acquire information in respect to the position and extension of the pulpal chamber) where the tiny pulp horns have been seen as shorter than they actually are (Jung, 1984), approximate determination by practitioner's experience (relying upon visual clinical control is not risk free), as well as the average values of the dentine thickness. In these cases, however, the vitality of the tooth is acutely endangered usually rendering endodontic treatment mandatory.

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