Designing and manufacturing of
dental equipment for
endodontics and other
fields of dentistry

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General Director of JSC Geosoft Dent
Mr. Vladimir Gofshtein

Export manager Dr. Viacheslav Efimchuk

Chief designer Mr. Eugene Estrov

Senior researcher Mr. Vasiliy Vdovin

Manufacturing process

DENTAL-EXPO 2014 in Moscow

DENTAL-EXPO 2014 in Moscow

DENTAL-EXPO 2014 in Moscow

IDS International Dental Show

IDS International Dental Show
CEO of Marketproone Dental Trading company
Ms.Kyla Nicola Tuya (Philippines)
Our distributors

Company DENTAL DEPO (Ukraine

Company DENTAUM (Ukraine

Intense Medical & Dental System  (India

General Manager Abdulrahman J. Ismail
NewDent Company, Iraq

Taichung dental exhibition- 2016. Our dealer in Taiwan Mr. Shih-yi Lin Our representative Michael Tuya
Dental Expo in Rimini 2016.
Our dealer in Italy DENTAL WORLD company.
Dental trainings in Sofia (Bulgaria). May 2016.
Meeting at FDI-2016 in Poznan Dental exhibition in Plovdiv 2016 at the booth of Belvezar — Gama Dent Lts.

Export manager Dr. Viacheslav Efimchuk:
Mobile phone: +7 (965) 269-09-72 (Viber/WhatsApp)
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