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Warm Vertical Obturation Devices






Warm vertical condensation of gutta-percha by Guttaest

Dry the root canal with paper points.

Insert the master cone coated with sealer and gently seat in the working length.

Cut the coronal portion of the master cone by Guttaest.  Condense with a hand plugger apically. After gutta-percha had been packed within 5 mm of the apex, backpack 3-4 mm long segments of gutta-percha until they reach the coronal orifice of the canal.

Hybrid method = Cold lateral condensation + vertical warm obturation

I.  Lateral condensation stage

1. METHOD ESSENCE  — The flexible, semi-solid nature of gutta-percha cones allows the filling of root canals by means of lateral condensation. Lateral condensation with standardised gutta-percha cones in combination with a root canal sealant which is not water-soluble.

2 The advantages:

— requirement of simple armamentarium,

— easy to control working length,

-high density of root canal filling

 — easy to prepare post space,

— ease of retreatment etc.


— the risk of a longitudinal fracture of a root because of large efforts, especially when a root is weakened (for example, at excessive expansion of canals in thin roots).

-  no possibility to achieve uniformity of gutta-percha material filling. Lateral canals and undercuts remain not obturated. It can lead to development of complications from periodontium tissues – to development inflammatory reaction, destruction of bone.

 II. Warm obturation stage

The advantage of warm techniques:

— three-dimensional homogeneous obturation of the irregularly shaped root canal (filling of all additional canals and branches by the maximum quantity of gutta-percha and minimum quantity of a siler)

The Heating of gutta-percha proceeds far from apical zone that is why there is no negative effects of employed temperatures on the periradicular tissue (coagulation of proteins, heat damage to the periodontium with resulting ankylosis or resorption).

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