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Estus Light


multifunctional led lamp for therapy and diagnostics.



Polymerization — photopolymerization of composite light-cured filling materials containing:

— the traditional photoinitiator camphorquinone, polymerizing in the blue light spectrum in the range of 440-475 nm, and

— next-generation photoinitiators polymerizing additionally in the ultraviolet light spectrum in the range 400-420 nm (for example, «IVOCERIN» by «Ivoclar Vivadent»)


Transillumination — diagnosis of primary tooth decay changes, hidden carious cavities or defects, enamel fissures, quality control, restoration and adaptation of composite materials for hard tooth tissues by means of the light source irradiating within the spectrum of Orange color in the range of 585-595 nm.


Photodynamic therapy (PDT) - treatment of oral cancer diseases, antibacterial and anti-fungi therapy as well as a photo-diagnosis of malignant lesions in the oral cavity effected by means of special agents sensitive to the light (photo-sensitizers) activated from the light source irradiating within the spectrum of red color in the range of 620-645 nm (with the acme magnitude of 630nm) or within the spectrum of deep Red color in the range of 650-670 nm (with the acme of 660nm). 

Luminescent diagnostics — diagnosing of some diseases of the oral mucosa and tongue, contrasting of the old filling material, as well as detection of bacterial deposits on the surface of the teeth using a light source emitting in the ultraviolet spectrum in the range of 400-420 nm (peak 405 nm).



Multifunctionality thanks to 7 types of tips with a different emission spectrum:

BLUE for the polymerization of composite materials: 440-475 nm
FULL BLUE for the polymerization of composite materials: 400-420 + 440-475 nm
BLUE POINT 440-475 nm for the «spot» polymerization of filling material
RED630 for the photodynamic therapy: 620-645 nm
RED660 for the photodynamic therapy: 650-670 nm
ORANGE for the transillumination: 585-595 nm
LUMI for the luminescent diagnostics: 400-420 nm


Automatic detection of the attached tip type with automatic adjustment of the device to the selected mode of operation

Tip ability to rotate through 360° and flat design, making access to the chewing group of patient teeth easier

Increased output emission of the photoemitter  (up to 2500 mW/cm2).

  Maximal comfort in operation is provided by a single button  — Ring Switch, especially for endodontists working with endomicroscopes. Convenient both for left — and right-handers.

 Prevention of accidental switch on due to restriction of working zone (upper 180°) of Ring Switch

 Excellent ergonomic characteristics of handpiece:

-specifically designed, provides a super balanced position in the dentist's hand,

-low weight and excellent visibility of indicators location is in the direct closeness to the working zone

 Constant readiness to work because of the powerful  (capacity 1600 mAh) and easy removable battery units

Long-term operation
without recharging the battery — up to 500 exposures of 5 seconds each.


 Handpiece can perform either as autonomous device or as a part of ESTUS dental complex, the main part of witch is ESTUS MULTI control unit

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