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 Dental multifunctional device


«EndoEst-3D» is multifunctional device designed to determine dentin thickness by measuring electronic resistance of the dentin above the pulp. The primary indication is in crown preparation. A flows between a reference electrode on the lip clip and a measuring electrode placed on the prepared dentin. The flow of the current is influenced by dentinal permeability; therefore, thick dentin with wide open dentinal tubules may show the same resistance as thin dentin with narrow tubules. The resistance is measured, evaluated, and displayed on the screen of the unit. Thinner areas can be marked with a pencil to prevent further reduction.

«EndoEst-3D» — 3 functions within 1 device:

1. Dentin meter  — determination of over-pulp dentine thickness of vital teeth





Use of this function is especially helpful at assessment of teeth preparation for fixed unit-cast and ceramic. The received results of measurement allow doctor to evaluate precisely the thickness of remained over-pulp dentine and to stop preparation in due time in order to avoid vital tooth pulp damage.

— Easy, fast measurement by scanning the dentine surfaces
— Convenient and safe indication
— Safe preparation, especially of juvenile teeth with a wide pulp cavity, and elongated and tilted teeth


2. Apex locator — localization of apical constriction of root canal (apex):




  • -Multi-frequency principle of apex localization – guaranteed accuracy of measurements at any mediums;
  • -Digital, graphic, light and sound indication of measurement results.



3.Pulp Tester – assessment of tooth pulp clinical condition:





Additional functions of the device:

-Adjustment the volume level of the sound signal;

  • -Indication of the current accumulator charge level;
  • -Power-saving function.

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