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Therapeutic and diagnostic endodontic device «EndoEst»



The EndoEst is digital therapeutic and diagnostic endodontic device created to perform the following tasks:
1) localization of root canal apical constriction (apex
2) checking of a pulp vitality by stimulating it with weak current.
3) depot phoresis  of hydroxide copper-calcium ions to tooth canals under the influence of electric current. 
4) anode sterilization of a root by direct current.
5) pharmaceutical electrophoresis into root canal and periodontium
Available modes:

1. Apexlocator (АL) — localization of root canal apical constriction (apex):






  • -Multi-frequency principle of apex localization – guaranteed accuracy of measurements at any mediums;
  • -Digital, graphic, light and sound indication of measurement results.


2. Electroodontodiagnostics (PULP) – assessment of tooth pulp clinical condition:


Electroodontodiagnostics is based on the determination of tooth pulp pain and tactile receptors threshold excitation under their electric stimulation.






3. Depophores (DP— copper-calcium depophoresis under methodic  «HUMANCHEMIE GmbH»


Indications for the depophoresis procedure:
  • — Infectious processes in root canals, including roots of curved molars, upper wisdom teeth, obliterated canals and teeth covered with crowns;
  • — Periodontitis;
  • — Cysts;
  • — Osteolysis;
  • — Pulpitis (after pulp devitalizing).

Depophoresis methodic



4. Anode sterilization (AS— root canal sterilization by direct current.


Interstitial fluid of root canal is used as electrolyte; electrolytic dissociation of which in the root canal causes chlorine release.


Therapeutic effect:
— Chlorine-therapy of the canal;
— Decontamination of canal and apical delta;
— Increasing of acidity in peri-apex.



5. Electrophoresis (ION— pharmaceutical electrophoresis in root canal and periodontium 


a) Hydroxyl (non-pharmaceutical) ionophoresis. Electrolyte — interstitial fluid of root canal. 

 Therapeutic effect:
— Antibacterial action of chlorine ions;
— Lysis of residual organic substances;
— pH normalization in peri-apex;
— Activation of calcination process at peri-apex area;
— Analgetic effect.

b) Pharmaceutical electrophoresis (with iodine, for example).

Electrolyte — saturated solution of potassium chloride in distilled water (2-3 drops) under L.R. Rubin methodic.

Therapeutic effect:
— Reduction of inflammatory processes in acute stage;
— Decontamination of root canal.



Additional functions of the device:

-Adjustment the volume level of the sound signal;

  • -Indication of the current accumulator charge level;
  • -Power-saving function.

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«Cuprodent» dental set contains:

   suspension № 1 (20g) based on copper-calcium hydroxide;
   suspension № 2 (20g) based on calcium hydroxide;
   powder (10g) containing copper-calcium hydroxide.

»Cuprodent» dental set is used for: 
  • — treating (washing) infected root canals of permanent teeth;
  • — treating difficult canals using electro (depo)phoresis;
  • — non-direct covering pulp with calcium hydroxide, and as treating calcium-containing liner in deep cavities;
  • — treating canals of milk teeth and teeth with non-formed roots;
  • — filling root canals after all types of treatment including electro (depo)phoresis;
  • — after treating parodontitis and gingivitis.

»Cuprodent» dental set is a system with highly active hydroxicuprate featuring bactericidal effect on all microorganisms. High alkalinity of suspensions (pH 12,8-13,3) provides sterility of contact areas.
»Cuprodent» suspension № 1 is a solution of copper-calcium hydroxide and hydroxocuprate. The suspension is stabilized, it has water base providing usage of the suspension in any level of solving with distilled water according to usage method. The suspension provides high bactericidal effect of copper ions (concentration is 1,7-2,3%).
»Cuprodent» suspension № 2 is a solution of calcium hydroxide in distilled water with stabilizers. Calcium hydroxide stimulates formation of mineralized tissue.
When using electrophoresis, hydroxocuprate ions turn into low soluble copper hydroxide providing sterilization of canals and apical delta. «Cuprodent» material is applicable to all types of equipment used for electro (depo)phoresis treatment. 
After treating infected canals with copper-calcium hydroxide using electro (depo)phoresis method, the canals should be filled with «Cuprodent» dough. The dough is obtained by mixing powder with suspension № 2. as a result, alkaline long-hardening material is obtained featuring disinfecting activity. 


Therapeutic and diagnostic endodontic device
«EndoEst «

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