Designing and manufacturing of
dental equipment for
endodontics and other
fields of dentistry

Delivery set

Delivery set PULP:

— Control unit «Estus Pulp»

— Battery unit

Probe EOD standard (Ø 1,2 mm)

  • — Cable (micro pin 2 mm, single)
  • — Lip clip «Oral Hook»

— Stand «Estus One-B»

— Сharging stand «Estus Energy-S»            

— Charger cable (USB — USBB)
— Power adapter (1А



Control unit «Estus Multi» 
for advanced adjustment and indication of the operating parameters of the handpiece, as well as for the operation of the Estus Pulp as part of the ESTUS dental complex

(for more information, see Estus Multi, Estus)  




Export manager Dr. Viacheslav Efimchuk:
Mobile phone: +7 (965) 269-09-72 (Viber/WhatsApp)
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