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SSG plugger


(SSG plugger)

It is applied  with the purpose of  warm, vertical compaction within a tooth root canal.

Plugger is liable for an autoclave procedure, Size 001/002, 003/004, Manual Endodontic Instruments, intended for endodontic treatment of heavily decayed teeth — filling root canals by way of vertical condensation (compaction) with heated gutta-percha.        

Essential features of the Device:

Plugger is a bilateral instrument designed in the angle-shaped combination of a handle with two metal shafts of a conic shape. The metal shafts are intended to be used in endodontic manipulations with their operational segments designed in the shape tapered to the vertex of a conical metal shaft with a rounded cross-section and a smooth surface. The operational parts of the instrument have a thread grading at the points of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 mm from the apical point of the instrument  for the sake of a convenient gauging of the tool length during its entering disposition within a root canal.

Has a tactile encoding which creates additional convenience.


Technical specification and Dimensions:

№ 1-2 : the tip diameter is 0,5 mm and 0,6 mm, correspondingly. 

№ 3-4 : the tip diameter is 0,8 mm and 1,0 mm, correspondingly.



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