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Cordless Obturation System «OBTUREST» = 1) Down-pack handpiece «GUTTAEST-V (L)» + 2) Backfill handpiece «GUTTAFILL»

Designed for root canal obturation by way of warm vertical condensation technique, System OBTUREST is characteristic of reliable down-pack and backfill performance in a cordless design.                 

 It provides endodontic specialists with absolute freedom of movement to conduct endodontic procedures in variable environmental conditions.

The System fulfills 3-dimensional obturation of apical, lateral, and accessory canals. Perfect for down-pack obturation modes of Continuous Wave and Single Motion. Gives minimal risk of root fractures. Proper for Continuous Wave or Schilder technique.

Features and Benefits

  • — Easy to Use:1) plain User Interface 2) simple Navigation 3) easy Set-up,
  • — Low-cost Use (unique injector of «syringe» type applicable with low-cost gutta-percha obturators (fillers)
  • — Easy & Quick down-pack obturation modes: Continuous Wave™ and Single Motion
  • — Convenience of use 1) ergonomic light hand-pieces 2) cordless design 3) prompt gutta-percha heating and automatic turn Off.
  • — Compact design: takes up only 1/3 volume of 2 contrivances engineered separately


Down-pack unit

  • — Has functions of vibration and illumination of the working area
  • — High-quality thermo-pluggers of several sizes, and tapers for each canal anatomy
  • — Digital temperature and advanced installation technology keeps heater safe (32- 57 °C) for you and the patient
  • — Heats up to 200°C in less than 5 sec ; the adjusted heating range is spanned from 50° to 300°C





Backfill unit

  • — Unique injector of «syringe» type used with economical gutta-percha obturators (fillers)
  • — Motor-driven extruder for less hand fatigue
  • — Easy positioning of gutta-percha obturators
  • — 3-speed flow of heated gutta-percha contributes for homogenous and dense filling
  • — Indicates at a level of remaining gutta-percha
  • — Easily removable heater ready for autoclave treatment in 130 sterilization cycles
  • — Up to 7 operating cycles on fully charged battery
  • — Long needle makes for convenience and good visibility. It could be adequately bent for any clinical case
  • — Digital and color display indication of the gutta-percha current temperature

2-year warranty

Export manager Dr. Viacheslav Efimchuk:
Mobile phone: +7 (965) 269-09-72 (Viber/WhatsApp)
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