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Estus Pack-Fill


is a device for the tooth root canals 3D obturation by the heated gutta-percha on the obturation steps: «DownРack» and «BackFill».

«Estus Pack-Fill» consists of two functional handpieces:
1. Functional handpiece «ESTUS PACK» is for:
— heating, vertical condensation of the dental gutta-percha and cutting the gutta-percha tips in the root canal on the obturation step «DownPack»;
— thermal activation of the irrigating solutions.
2. Functional handpiece «ESTUS FILL» is for the heating and the following injection of the heated gutta-percha into the root canal by the special injector needle on the step of obturation «BackFill».




DownPack-handpiece ESTUS PACK of a new generation provides:

— high quality vertical condensation,
— cutting of gutta-percha points,
— heat endoactivation of irrigational solution

 Safe thermoplugger with integrated sensor feedback allows:
— to ensure high accuracy of maintaining the set working temperature,
— to decrease the working temperature in a root canal down to 100°С, which causes:
— reducing of thermoplugger heating time down to the set working temperature (not > 1,5 sec),
— prevention of gutta-percha over-heating that worsens its characteristics,
— prolongation of save canal treatment without risk of periodontal tissues over-heating,
— prolongation of thermopluggers service life

 There are 3 types quick-detachable and autoclavable thermopluggers for different stages of root canal obturation:
— obturation of the apical zone,
— obturation of the upper ⅔ canal,
— cutting of gutta-percha points


 Possibility to fix the thermoplugger in 1 of the 6 available positions

 Effective condensation of gutta-percha thanks to vibration function



BackFill-handpiece ESTUS FILL — the only syringe type injector is able to work with cost effective gutta-percha obturators

 Easy detachable autoclavable heater

 Time to prepare device ready for operation doesn't exceed 20 sec (heating an injector needle and softening gutta-percha)

 Two modes of heated gutta-percha delivery:
— PORTION mode for the one-stage of an apical plug creation,

— CONTINUOUS mode for filling of middle and upper parts of the root canal

 Three feed rates of heated gutta-percha

 Safe performance — the heater corpus temperature doesn't exceed 45°С

 High-quality consumables: gutta-percha obturators and two size types of Injector needles (№23G and №25G)

 Fully charged battery is enough for injection of 50 pcs of gutta-percha obturators


 Maximal comfort in operation is provided by a single button  — Ring Switch, especially for endodontists working with endomicroscopes. Convenient both for left — and right-handers.


 Prevention of accidental switch on due to restriction of working zone (upper 180°) of Ring Switch

 Excellent ergonomic characteristics of handpiece:

-specifically designed, provides a super balanced position in the dentist's hand,

-low weight and excellent visibility of indicators location is in the direct closeness to the working zone

 Constant readiness to work because of the powerful  (capacity 1600 mAh) and easy removable battery units




 Handpieces can perform either as autonomous device or as a part of ESTUS dental complex, the main part of witch is ESTUS MULTI control unit

Export manager Dr. Viacheslav Efimchuk:
Mobile phone: +7 (965) 269-09-72 (Viber/WhatsApp)
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